10 Tips for Cleaning Gardening Tools

After a long and labor-intensive gardening season, you’ll want to ensure that your tools are well cared for and will be useful assets in the coming years. Caring for your gardening tools is thus a top priority for the avid gardener. Here are 10 quick tips for keeping your gardening tools clean and useful.


Sure this tip sounds easy enough but it is critical in keeping pristine tools. Always be sure to rinse tools and dry thoroughly after use to prevent dirt build-up.


A simple soak in a bucket of warm liquid soap can help remove tough grime and leave your tools looking brand new.


Sanitizing powder or a sterile water mix can quickly give your tools a brand new and clean feel. Once clean, a quick run through a sanitized wash only takes seconds and keeps tool spotlessly clean.


Using a simple type of grease or oil, be sure to keep tools lubricated. Linseed oil works great for this and keeps tools feeling and looking “young.”

Don’t Be A Sap

Certain tools like pruning shears are prone to sap. When left uncleaned, however, sap can destroy your tools. Always be alert for sap and clean it immediately.

Be Disease Free

Some plants carry specific diseases and others simply do not interact well together even despite the absence of diseases. Ensure tools are not the catalyst for disease spread by always disinfecting them. Rubbing alcohol is a quick and cheap way to accomplish this.

Keep ‘Em Sharp

Sharp tools like pruning shears, scissors, and blades are effective and efficient. Sharpening your tools only takes a moment. Do not wait until a tool is dull. Instead give it a routine sharpening which will save you a lot of time in the long run.

Keep the Metal Happy

A simple wire brush can be the best friend to metal tools. This will not only keep your tools clean but will prevent any rust build-up.

Hang Your Tools

When not in use, always hang your tools. Moisture is an enemy of gardening tools and hanging them will prevent unwanted moisture which can lead to rust.

Tools Live Inside

Just like people, tools prefer to sleep indoors away from the elements. Be sure to bring your tools inside a garage or storage closet and out of the elements.

All these simple tips can help you protect your gardening tools. While nothing here is overly complex or time-consuming, each step you can take to better protect your tools will ensure your next gardening season is a productive one. /provided by Hoarder Cleanup Company

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