10 Tips How to Clean Up Trauma Scenes

What if you ever found yourself in the event of death while at home or school and you are the leader. How will you come to the terms to correct the scenes back to normal? For most individuals, it will be a task uncalled for and the myths and misconceptions around death may hinder us from acting.

What if you find yourself in a crime event? How do you clean up the scene there on in such a manner to ensure that you do not harm yourself in the course of action as infection may happen? Believe it or not, there are professional people who are up to the task and we are here to learn in depth about what they do and how they do it. Let us now learn.

The first step is that you have to have total control of your hands, in that you are quick to act to prevent much seepage of blood on surrounding material and also you have to be careful enough not to cause more disruptions.

2nd tip is ensuring that you have gloved your hands and even better there are special body suits that come in handy during the clean-up activity. This is so to avoid any type of contamination.

Tip number 3, make sure that a third party is not involved and this may be done through sealing out the scene with tapes or even closing the doors if it is indoors.

Number 4, because our main aim might be to do away with the evidence or cause of death, then we need licenses or places in which we may dispose of any kind of bio hazardous material found in the scene. It might be chemical substances.

Tip 5, you may need to remove some structures around the scene to collect or wipe away any other crime dirt that may have seeped away or under structures or even through walls. A keen eye is paramount.

In case evidence should be collected later for investigation then you shall need disinfected bottles and paper bags that will bag up anything useful to determine the cause of death.

Do not forget that the air may also be contaminated and there may be an odor around the scene. Here is when some simple clean-up tools come in handy. They include the air scrubber which will even do away with bio hazardous material in the air.

Do not forget traditional cleaning equipment including mops and buckets, sponges and brushes that will do more of the cleaning as the bare hand is very much discouraged.

Remember to keep calm all throughout the activity and even though you may be required to be fast, do not rush such that you may miss some other spots.

Last but not least incinerate or disinfect anything that might pose danger to you or to anyone around the crime scene and you shall now be good to go. /written by Crime Scene Celaners

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