10 Tips on How to Clean and Disinfect a Blood Pressure Cuff

Although blood pressure cuffs are classified as low risk for contamination, a recent research has revealed that some bacteria are resistant to common antibiotics. This calls for increased precaution when using such clinic items.

Here are some 10 tips on how to clean and disinfect a blood pressure cuff and clips.

1. Wear a latex glove before you start inspecting the cuffs for stains

2. Examine the cuffs for blood stains and bodily fluids

3. Do not soak the cuffs until you have detached the tubing. First undo the Velcro strap then detach the tubing

4. Always soak the blood pressure cuffs before washing.

5. You can hand wash using a sponge and detergent. You can also use a brush to scrub both sides including the tubing and bulb.

6. When rinsing, use running water rather than still water in a bucket.

7. After washing and rinsing, spray some rubbing alcohol on both sides including the tubing, and then let it dry before use.

8. Remember to determine if the cuffs are machine washable (some aren’t). If they are, use mild detergent and moderate cycles.

9. Consider using disinfection wipes on dry cuffs

10. Follow the simple process of cleaning, disinfecting, rinsing, drying and storing.


Cleaning and sterilizing kitchen equipment and reusable supplies is one of the most important step towards preventing contamination and disease spread. Tools like blood pressure cuffs are used to monitor various patients and must be thoroughly cleaned and sterilized. It is advisable to clean after every use to prevent the stains from building up, and also to simplify the cleaning effort.

/written by Blood Removal Company

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