10 Tips On How To Clean And Disinfect A Couch After Illness

The body tends to fall sick more often due to exposure of bacterias and viruses, however this can be transferred to our furniture and may cause an illness to another person who might be exposed to the affected areas. This could also lead to recurrent illnesses and this ought to be taken care of with caution and assurance to prevent such incidents from happening.

A couch retains a lot of dust and bacteria if it is not well cleaned due to the fabric and the fact that most of the time is spent on the couch by different people in a household. The following are 10 tips on how to clean and disinfect a couch after an illness:

1. Dust the couch first to get rid of any dust or any visible particles.

2. Rub the preferred or available detergent on the couch, let it set for about 5 minutes then wipe.

3. Make sure to dry the cushions completely so that microorganisms do not grow back.

4. Use bleach appropriate for the intended couch.

5.Alcohol works really good as a disinfectant.

6. Equal measures of water and hydrogen peroxide make a spray that has anti bacterial properties.

7.A vacuum cleaner comes in handy even on couches when you want to get rid of all the bacterias.

8. Flip removable cushions and clean and disinfect on both sides.

9. Clean a small part at a time and ensure to concentrate on armrests.

10. Spray with a homemade spray consisting of vinegar and water after the couch is dry.

One can always call a professional if they think the situation is out of hand depending on the illness suffered or if at greater risk of exposure.  /written by best crime scene cleaners

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