10 Tips on How to Clean and Disinfect a Public Toilet


A public toilet is usually a small building or room that contain toilets. The toilets commonly include urinals that are available for use by public or members (customers or employees) of a certain organization.

Maintaining a clean and disinfected public toilet can be a daunting task at times. This is because the public toilet is for the general masses and each has a way they use the washrooms. Some are well mannered and well for some, they do not care much since they are not the ones to keep the toilets clean.

However, that is the reality of life, and clean public toilet talks a lot about a particular organization health department or consideration.

Here below are 10 Tips on How to clean and disinfect a Public Toilet and ensure that satisfaction is attained when people are using the washroom.

1. Ensure that all required tools are bought and are available

Being preparedness is crucial, and when you have all tools like brushes, brooms, receptacle bins, etc., then you can consistently maintain a clean toilet.

2. Replenish the soap and paper supplies as needed.

This is very crucial since soap is not only is it used for cleaning, but also for scenting. The toilet paper on the other one cannot do without it in the washrooms

3. Remove the trash, clean the container and replace the liner

4. Empty the sanitary napkin receptacle

5. Clean sinks

6. Damp wipe the mirrors and light fixtures

7. Thorough clean the urinals and the toilet bowls with disinfectants. You should allow some time for them to react on the germs and sink in for better results

8. Damp mop the floor

9. Clean the toiletry vent regularly

10. Damp wipe walls and partitions including the top of the partitions.


Having a clean public toilet is a way of setting a good image to the public. Additionally, it serves as a way of keeping germs and disease-causing microorganisms away from the public people. Various studies have shown that poorly maintained public toilets contribute the highest in terms of disease microbes that lead to serious diseases and infections. Keep the people that are using these facilities safe by ensuring the above hygiene practices are maintained. /written by Industrial Accident Cleanup

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