20 Emergency Uses for Your Camera Phone

Camera phones have lately become the latest trend in the mobile industry. Almost all mobile manufacturers have incorporated cameras as one of the selling points and standard features. These gadgets enable us to take pictures and record videos and share them immediately with our friends and family.

During any kind of emergency, you will either need to provide or receive help and communication and documentation can come in very handy. This article is going to take you through some 20 ways in which your camera phone can help you in emergency situations to record and relay important information.

1. Reporting suspicious activity through taking pictures of suspects and sending them to the police.

2. When you are far from the hospital you can take pictures of visible signs and symptoms and send them to the medics so that they know what to expect when they arrive.

3. You can use your camera phone to relay chronic traffic conditions to the relevant authorities.

4. They also come in handy in recording catastrophic conditions as they occur.

5. In situations where your home is wrecked and you cannot be there in time, pictures can help identify specific items you want retrieved.

6. Camera phones can be used to document your whereabouts when you are far from home.

7. In situations where you cannot pick your child up from school, camera phones can be used to relay the picture of the person who will pick the child up.

8. In situations where you have engine trouble or even general car trouble, you can relay pictures to mechanics so that they can walk you through what to do.

9. Camera phones can be used to relay information of a missing person.

10. In case of a sudden riot, you can take pictures of the current situation and relay them to the relevant authorities.

11. When faced with a food poisoning condition, you can take a picture of all the ingredients used and show them to the doctors.

12. In situations of a burst sewer, you can take a picture of the current condition, relay it to the professionals so that they can walk you through how to contain it.

13. In an electric accident, you can take a picture of the situation and send it to the electricity companies for help.

14. When you get lost, you can take a picture of a landmark and send it to a friend for directions.

15. Sometimes you may not have the time to type a text, just write it on a paper and send the picture.

16. In situations where you are facing an explosive condition, experts can take you through how to contain it through videos.

17.Sometimes when you need a copy of a document, a picture can just do the job.

18. In a situation where you are witnessing an armed robbery, you can record the activity conspicuously

19. When you get lost, someone can walk you through it through a video cal.

20. You can take a picture of a man to help you through navigation during trips or travel.

Someone just never knows whenever he will be facing an emergency situation. You should always have your phone with you, that is why they are even called mobile phones. With the added feature of a camera, you can get a lot done in a matter of seconds. /Written by Crime Scene Cleaners

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