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How to Clean and Disinfect Your Phone

Smart phone screen attracts dust, dirt, fingerprint and other matter so cleaning of smartphone is required on almost daily basis.But question here is , cleaning with corner of your shirt or towels or handkerchief or wiping the screen with the finger, is it a good idea?No because it creates minute scratches as well as poor quality screen. There are other far more better techniques to crystal clean your screen. Following tips are supposed to be kept in mind for smart phone users.

1. Clean the screen with micro fibre cloth, as it prevents scratches as well as attracts dust and oily particles present on the surface.

2. Turn off your device before cleaning, this allows you to see the dirt and grime better.

3. Use water without any soap solution and move your cloth over the screen vertically and horizontally sepratelly. Once done use another dry cloth to wipe the surface and remove the water particles present.

4. If micro fibre cloth is not present you can clean the screen with scotch tape,Stick the tape on the screen surface and then peel it off, it will remove dirty and oily particle, you can try this practice multiple times to get ultimate clean screen.

5. Best option is to use liquid screen protector and cleaner, this liquid solution covers the screen entirely and became hard and gives a heavy resistance to finger print and stickiness of dirt and other macro particles.

6. Ultra violet cleaning: Both water or other solution (like alcohol) cleaning may damage you phone. So you could go for ultra violet cleaning in which spectrum of ultra violet rays of a particular frequency penetrates the dusty surface and loosen the dust particles. These dust particles can be brushed off later. Off course it takes time but it is one of the decent option for removing germs.

7. Alcohol based cleaning is fascinating for many user but it should be avoided as alcohol damages protective coating (since protective coating is found on many devices) and if protecting coating is damaged and the screen is exposed to air then there is a chance of direct scratches and you may required to change the whole screen.

8. Cleaning the surface with paper towels, facial tissues, or thick cloth should be avoided. It can create a scratch on screen and can damages your touching and sliding sensor of screen.

9. If you are using compressed air in cleaning process’s you should never try hair drier as the hot air can damages the small parts of your phones.

10. You can use a light disinfectant wipe, using liquid solution in cleaning process is not recommended, but sometimes cleaning with dry cloth is not enough to get rid of bacteria. Lisol and Clorax disinfectant are good options to use. /written by Crime Scene Cleaners Near Me

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