How to Cleanup a Pet Cage

A clean cage means a healthy pet. So we should keep the cage always clean. Here are some important ways by which we can clean cage:

1. We should understand the risk of dirty cage. It may be to harmful for your pet.

2. Collect all the cleaning accessories and make all belongings out of cage.

3. Wash all objects which belongs to cage properly. Washcloths should be used to clean the cage items and corners.

4. Carefully clean each bar of cage. It may have some bedding stuck on the wall of cage, those should be scrubbed away.

5. Let the cage dry properly before putting the stuff. You can use sunwarm or a towel for drying.

6. After drying all the cage belongings you should put them carefully in cage. Toys should be on the top of bedding.

7. Every pots used in cage should be washed and dried properly. It can be great mistake not to clean them.

8. Add new foods and toys to your pet’s cage.

9. Plan the next cleaning and it should not be more than 7 days after.

10. Put your pet in the cage and take a sweet selfie with your pet.

Conclusion: Keeping your cage clean is so important and how you clean it, that is more important. If you have a cage means you have a pet and if you have a pet means that is your responsibility. So clean the cage and make your pet Happy. Good luck! /written by Top House Cleaner

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