How to Run Your Own Cleaning Business in 10 Steps

We’d like to live in a world filled with absolute peace and harmony, a world without conflicts, a world without sorrow, a world without crime. But, that’s not our reality; crime is a sad facet of our lives. And, there are businesses built around this, even highly profitable ones. In a sense, “crime pays.”

An example is what we are exploring: crime scene cleanup business. What’s that, you ask. After a violent, gory, and hazardous death, there could be remains that are inimical to the health of those living in and around the premises. It’s the cleanup businesses’ opportunity.

Below are ten tips on how to make a success of it.

1. The most important step is to take course and seminars from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). The knowledge is the most important variable for success

2. Apply for a license to be able to operate, as well as a tax identification number from the Internal Revenue Service. The last thing you want is to have issues with the law when all you want is just to concentrate on the bottom line.

3. Now is the time to purchase cleaning gadgets, hire office space and train staff.

4. Have a comprehensive website designed for your business. Showing all your services and certifications, clients you have served, some tutorials on what not to do at a crime scene.

5. Develop and maintain a database of prospective clients, such as property owners, local police departments, insurance companies, and fire departments.

6. Always be marketing and networking. Marketing and networking are the drivers of revenue growth.

7. Have an in-house or outsourced video cinematographer, who can capture the before and after scenes, and even part of the cleaning business. This will convince prospects, than mere text.

8. Engage an attorney who is experienced in the niche. You never know what could happen.

9. Obtain relevant insurance, such as health insurance, hazard insurance, liability insurance, health insurance and worker’s compensation

10. Have a good bookkeeper or outsource the service.

The following are some of the main tips that would help make your crime scene business a success.

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