How to Start a Crime Scene Cleanup Business

Starting a crime scene cleanup business is no different from other businesses. Given its nature and sensitivity, however, the initial procedure involved varies slightly from other service and retail businesses. To start and run a successful crime scene cleanup business, the following steps should be followed.

Seek Safety and Handling Certification

Handling dead and hazardous body remains calls for extra safety. This is not only to prevent any infection in the process but also not to destroy any evidence that can be examined for prosecution purposes.

Contact Public Health and safety authorities for any training available and necessary for enhancing safety during the operation. This should also include the safe and proper handling of equipment during the process. Also, seek additional training and certification from the police crime units on the handling of dead wastes to avoid any slight destruction of any evidence.

Obtain the Trading License from the relevant Government Authorities

Liaise with the local authorities to obtain the certification that gives the legal business life. Liaise with the Public Health and Safety Authorities to obtain their approval and recommendation to enable the registration. Besides, comply with revenue collection requirements so that the business remits tax as required.

Purchase Equipment and Tools

Once you have completed the business registration process, begin the process of acquiring equipment and tools that will facilitate your work especially the handling of the bodies remains. Also, acquire office space from where the business will be premised.

Recruit Staff

Have well-defined specifications for the staff you require regarding their qualifications and experience. Hire the right candidates with expert knowledge in the handling of Crime Scenes. This will not only ensure that proper work is done, but also that due diligence is maintained to avoid loss of any evidence.

It’s Now Time To Network and Market Your Business

Establish relationships with the police handling criminal cases and funeral homes for any referrals that may be. It is also time to start running adverts on the available media platforms to reach out to as many potential clients as possible.

To summarize, despite crime scene cleanup business being not so popular, starting up the business, however, goes through the usual familiar processes as for any other business. Resilience and discipline will however determine how long you stay in the business. Considering starting a crime scene cleanup business? Grab the opportunity!

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